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      Established in 2013, Harbin Intelligent Surgery Equipment Co.,Ltd. is national new and high-tech enterprise specialized in endoscopic robot technology, system R&D, manufacturing and marketing in China. Its wholly-owned subsidiaries and branches scatter in Suzhou, Beijing and Kaifeng, etc. and own over 200 employees at least 60% of whom are R&D staff(e.g.,15 having a PhD and over 40 postgraduates). Oriented by clinical demands, the company abides by core values of“creativity, diligence, excellence and wisdom”, aims at ensuring people's life health, combines robotics with medical science, independently researches core technologies of surgical robots, and utilizes original technologies to usher in a surgical philosophy of“minimal invasion, precision and dexterity”. Now, we possess over 200 proprietary intellectual property rights of our core technologies. In 2019, our company turned into an institute undertaking the“Minimally Invasive Surgical Robot Technology”program in the next-generation AI industry proposed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China. The miniature endoscopic surgery robot developed here is the first in China to acquire a Category-III registration certificate of domestic endoscopic surgical instruments. The multi-arm endoscopic surgery robot developed in our company has passed special examination and approval of national innovative medical devices, and also applied in some well-known medical institutions such as Peking University First Hospital and Peking Union Medical College Hospital, performing excellently in clinics.

      We pay close attention to the health demands of the masses and progress in clinical technology, devote ourselves to breaking foreign monopolies in the field of high-end medical devices such as surgical robots, and spare no efforts in serving people's health in China and other places in the world with our high-quality surgical robots.

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    ADD:Hanan Biotechnology Incubator, No. 1, Bohai 3rd Road, Pingfang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province
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