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    Talent Strategy
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      The company is professionally engaged in the R&D and marketing of smart medical apparatus and high-end surgical equipment, such as minimally invasive surgery robots, rehabilitation robots and serial instruments for robot-assisted surgery. Following a cutting-edge philosophy of high dexterity, high precision and minimal invasion, we provide solutions to chest-, abdomen-, pelvic cavity-associated surgeries, covering many surgical departments of general surgery, thoracic surgery, urinary surgery and gynecology, etc. Medical robots are high-end smart medical equipment featuring great technology agglomeration and high profits and added values. This is a field of the highest growth rate in the international robot industry, and also the most brilliant area in the present medical apparatus sector, clinical demands is high. Due to business development needs, we are now looking for talents to join us. We will provide you with five social insurances and preferential treatment. Let's seek common development together!

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    ADD:Hanan Biotechnology Incubator, No. 1, Bohai 3rd Road, Pingfang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province
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