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    Retroperitoneal surgery by a domestic endoscopic robot successfully completed

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    Source: Peking Union Medical College Hospital     Release time: November 30, 2020

      In the morning of November 20, a team under the leadership of Ji Zhigang, a professor in the Urinary Surgery Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, successfully completed retroperitoneal adrenalectomy by a domestic endoscopic robot. The success of this operation signifies that the phased objectives have been achieved in key techniques of endoscopic robot systems developed in China, such as mechanical design, master/slave control, stereo images and system integration. In addition, endoscopic robots independently developed in China are proved to be competent in fulfilling retroperitoneal operations in a narrow space.


      Under the circumstance that the tumor is closely attached to the postcava, this operation is difficult to a certain extent. Through detailed assessment, the team decided to perform a robot-assisted surgery in a retroperitoneal approach. For a surgery by an imported robot system, a high comprehensive cost can be incurred. In terms of the domestic Kangduo robot manufactured by Harbin Intelligent Surgery Equipment Co.,Ltd., the safety of this system was sufficiently analyzed and judged by the team. Then, they decided to implement this surgery with the help of this surgery system. The patient was fully informed and signed the informed consent. After repeated drills, an expert team of the Urinary Surgery Department guided by professor Ji Zhigang and associate professor Xu Weifeng closely cooperated with the team of chief head nurse Wang Huizhen and head nurse Zhang Shengjie from the operating room, and the team of head nurse Zhang Qing from the disinfecting supply room. At last, they succeeded in excising the tumor. After the operation, the patient recovered well and was smoothly discharged 3 days later.


      All walks of life have witnessed high quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of products“Made in China”for the past few years. The success of retroperitoneal adrenalectomy by a domestic endoscopic robot indicates that the Urinary Surgery Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital makes a satisfactory attempt to combine“domestic”medical instruments with advanced medical technology. Over the years, Union Medical has unremittingly innovated and explored, and by investing tremendous energy, and has become more confident in serving more patients and applying advanced domestic apparatus in more clinical practice.

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