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    Upper urinary tract repair surgery successfully implemented by domestic robot

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    Source: Peking University First Hospital     Release time: August 10, 2020  

          On August 7, 2020, upper urinary tract repair surgery assisted by a domestic endoscopic robot was successfully performed for the first time in China by Professor Li Xuesong, the Deputy Director of Urinary Surgery Department for two patients with ureteropelvic junction obstruction. The patients recovered well after the surgery. Upper urinary tract repair is a typical surgery of fine manipulation of the upper urinary tract and the most common operation is known to be pyeloplasty.


      Aimed at the highest level in the medical apparatus industry, a domestic surgery robot system was independently developed in China, that is the Kangduo Endoscopic Robot Control System(Harbin Intelligent Surgery Equipment Co.,Ltd.). In the Urinary Surgery Department of our hospital, a decision was made to be the first pilot of China and select two cases to perform upper urinary tract repair surgery.


      The surgery was fully supported in the hospital, including our nursing team of the operating room and the Anesthesiology Department. On the scene, Zhou Liqun, Director of Urinary Surgery Institute of Peking University, Zhang Qian, the Vice Deputy, and Mu Li, the Deputy Head of Nursing Department and nursing head of the operating room gave directions, cheering for Kangduo robot-assisted surgery. On the day of performing this surgery, one of the UPJO patients was found to be combined with angiectopia. The surgery team selected a 3D visualization technique simultaneously giving intraoperative navigation, which ensured precise procedures and significantly improved surgical safety. The Kangduo robot system is provided with a modularized UHD 3D vision that facilitates anatomical structure identification, realizes precise manipulation of robotic arms and makes it more flexible than hands. It is proved that this system is especially suitable for functional reconstructive surgery of such tissues or organs. Successful performance of the first group of surgery represents that precision manipulation of domestic surgery robots has reached a rather high level.

      This year, it was pointed out by President Xi inspecting COVID-19 prevention and control research projects that“we need to strengthen relevant areas of high-end medical equipment in China, strive to make breakthroughs in key technologies more rapidly, overcome difficulties of technical equipment and achieve autonomous control over high-end medical apparatus”. Successful implementation of this surgery assisted by domestic robots embodies that the Urinary Surgery Department of our hospital, as a foregoer of robot-assisted endoscopic surgery in China, extremely boosts the development of domestic surgery robots. It strives to break the monopoly of imported products, improve the overall level of domestic high-end medical apparatus and truly benefit our people. In the history of developing domestic robot-assisted surgery systems, it has an epoch-making significance.

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