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    Miniature endoscopic surgery robots

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      Different from open surgery, ordinary endoscopic surgery and large-sized robots, miniature endoscopic robots are new intelligent surgical robots capable of dynamically reproducing hand motions of physicians. Considering that movements of multi-degree of freedom can be realized in a small manipulation space, not only are characteristics of flexible manipulation of surgical robots reserved, but the corresponding cost is enormously reduced. In addition, the robots are also easy to operate and simple and useful. At a low cost, multiple surgical procedures including highly difficult stitching can be completed, settling problems of manipulation and training difficulties existing in ordinary endoscopic surgery at present.

          ● Being flexible, the robot is able to reproduce hand motions of the physician and realize multi-degree-of-freedom movement within a narrow space.

          ● Small in size and lightweight, it is convenient to carry.

          ● It can interact with the existing endoscope in a hospital to form a complete system.

          ● Thanks to low cost, it is competitive in price.

          ● Mounting and dismounting of the front-end apparatus are rather convenient; as a platform, it is suitable for various types of instruments.

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